You & Me

You gave me roses,

I gave you the thorns.

You gave me strength,

I gave you hurt.

You gave me happiness,

I gave you worries.

So I am giving you my soul.


The inner voice.



Let the words flow as the source of life. It gives the power to weak and poor to be rich. Find your ways to explore new experiences. Do one new thing every month. Your life span is limited, shorter than a can of chopped tomatoes.

A snap from our timeline.

So here I am, sharing my thoughts to the world. If I can give one of my reader a small help to their life, that makes my life happy and grateful. I never gave myself a minute to listen to that inner voice from me. Always slipped, even though it was in front of me and in me. I never embraced that voice. I kept sliding it away from my view when failures took over. This cant be ignored.

Words have endless power if spoken. Silence too. The magic happens when we spent time on both.

The silence around us.

If my articles help you in any way please do leave a comment or drop an email.

“We are just travelers in space”

Thank you being a co passenger in this beautiful planet.