To Mum & Dad: From a baby’s eye view.

I see them everyday,

christy (17)

I felt their love,that was stronger than the wind in the park,

christy (14)

I am patiently waiting to be in their warm hands,

christy (12)

Their words, looks, touches and emotions are comforting me,

christy (10)

They are happy with their friends now, I am glad that they took me there with them,

christy (21)

They are capturing this precious and beautiful moments with me to show me later,

christy (18)

I can feel their struggle, everyday to complete me,

christy (7)

I make them more tired, but they share those tiredness together by hugging me,

christy (19)

I love them more than they love me now,

christy (13)

I can’t wait to call them Mum & Dad.

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