Derby Diaries

Hey Guys,

Hope you a are doing very well.

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming,

The days are clearer, nights are getting warmer.

Today, we writing about a short visit to Derbyshire.

We were meeting my cousin brother there. He recently moved to UK for his Masters In Engineering.

An inspirational character by attitude and a fighter by nature. Though he is limited in wheelchair, his vision and dreams are beyond the wheels. If you wanna know more about this guy please visit:

A three hours+ evening drive with some fighting over our likes and dislikes. What we realized that day, was we are allowed for such thoughts. As long as we understand the conclusion.

It will be only “US”( relationship ) in the end!!

We made a last minute booking with an affordable price at International Hotel Derby.

International Hotel Derby

International Hotel Derby- Inside

International Hotel Derby- Inside

Room was cosy enough to sleep a night. The beddings were clean and tidy. An average Hotel for the price.

International Hotel Derby- Window View

The view from our window wasn’t that exceptional, but was better than and normal hotel backyard. I hated the light from the window curtains in the morning.

International Hotel Derby- Toilet

After a free full breakfast from the restaurant downstairs we drove to my cousins. I asked Lidia to go to cuz room while I grab the bags from the car. I was lying to her, I ran to the corner Sainsburys and was searching for few Gifts!!

Yes I haven’t prepared anything for her. Its always like that. When it comes to my closed ones, always have excuses and inner chats of why to give any presents. Later it turns out to a regret! This time I didn’t let my regrets to take me over. I bought a pack of apple pie, candles, a small indoor desk plant with a red nose headband.

By the time I had few calls and messages from her saying why I lied to her and asked to come back to the room. 😛

The day before I cooked some “Payasam” a traditional Kerala dish we make for special occasions, which I didn’t tell her about. My aunt helped me to warm it up and serve. We walked into the room with apple pie, lighted candles and payasam. Though it wasn’t a surprise, we all managed to make it up as a surprise .:)

Birthday Pie- Lidia

Everyone enjoyed the payasam, not the pie. After some usual Bday selfies we were ready for a window shopping in Derby Towncentre. It was cold, we all marched passing by a small canal and a some street artists works.

Derby Street Arts

Derby Street Arts

My aunt innocently asked ” Why Am I taking the Photos of those posters”. I said, ” Its just a piece of Art”. I am sure she didn’t had a clue what I was saying.

We were browsing through few shops and then we reached a place all three of us got lost!!

@the music store — Derby

Lidia’s excitement for Guns and Roses where high and Arun lost with the base guitars, his fav Bands posters. She got her GR shot glasses as a gift from Arun. He bought a ” motivational poster “. It may sound bit orthodox, coz it is. His mum said ” you are not going to stare at these devils pics” staring at the various rock bands wall posters. Me and my cuz just looked at each other and laughed!! But i just realize how the values and principles are different in different places.

We walked up and down few times to locate the toilet. Later we got some tickets for ” SPLIT” and headed to MexiCo.

A nice Mexican themed with an open Kitchen. We both ended up ordering some vegetarian burritos, cuz and aunt ordered beef & chicken burritos too. It was yummy!!

Mexico Veg Burritos

The best one was the MANGO & PASSIONFRUIT SLUSHY . Out of 10 we give 9 to Mexico.It took a while for the food preps and we lost about 10 mins of the movie. I hated it,but there was no option left. The movie was also awesome. Another Psycho thriller from N Syamalan. It makes you think latest once that “you can be what you want”!

By 10ish we left from Derby. Another three hour drive back to Maidstone. We still had some sparks left from the day before, which we cleared off in the wrong exits. 😛

But we realized how the level of joy goes up when we have some topics to discuss.

Until Next one,

à plus (French- See you)!!

Originally published at on March 16, 2017.