To Mum & Dad: From a baby’s eye view.

I see them everyday,

christy (17)

I felt their love,that was stronger than the wind in the park,

christy (14)

I am patiently waiting to be in their warm hands,

christy (12)

Their words, looks, touches and emotions are comforting me,

christy (10)

They are happy with their friends now, I am glad that they took me there with them,

christy (21)

They are capturing this precious and beautiful moments with me to show me later,

christy (18)

I can feel their struggle, everyday to complete me,

christy (7)

I make them more tired, but they share those tiredness together by hugging me,

christy (19)

I love them more than they love me now,

christy (13)

I can’t wait to call them Mum & Dad.

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Good thoughts, Good Deeds, Good actions.


Derby Diaries

Hey Guys,

Hope you a are doing very well.

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming,

The days are clearer, nights are getting warmer.

Today, we writing about a short visit to Derbyshire.

We were meeting my cousin brother there. He recently moved to UK for his Masters In Engineering.

An inspirational character by attitude and a fighter by nature. Though he is limited in wheelchair, his vision and dreams are beyond the wheels. If you wanna know more about this guy please visit:

A three hours+ evening drive with some fighting over our likes and dislikes. What we realized that day, was we are allowed for such thoughts. As long as we understand the conclusion.

It will be only “US”( relationship ) in the end!!

We made a last minute booking with an affordable price at International Hotel Derby.

International Hotel Derby

International Hotel Derby- Inside

International Hotel Derby- Inside

Room was cosy enough to sleep a night. The beddings were clean and tidy. An average Hotel for the price.

International Hotel Derby- Window View

The view from our window wasn’t that exceptional, but was better than and normal hotel backyard. I hated the light from the window curtains in the morning.

International Hotel Derby- Toilet

After a free full breakfast from the restaurant downstairs we drove to my cousins. I asked Lidia to go to cuz room while I grab the bags from the car. I was lying to her, I ran to the corner Sainsburys and was searching for few Gifts!!

Yes I haven’t prepared anything for her. Its always like that. When it comes to my closed ones, always have excuses and inner chats of why to give any presents. Later it turns out to a regret! This time I didn’t let my regrets to take me over. I bought a pack of apple pie, candles, a small indoor desk plant with a red nose headband.

By the time I had few calls and messages from her saying why I lied to her and asked to come back to the room. 😛

The day before I cooked some “Payasam” a traditional Kerala dish we make for special occasions, which I didn’t tell her about. My aunt helped me to warm it up and serve. We walked into the room with apple pie, lighted candles and payasam. Though it wasn’t a surprise, we all managed to make it up as a surprise .:)

Birthday Pie- Lidia

Everyone enjoyed the payasam, not the pie. After some usual Bday selfies we were ready for a window shopping in Derby Towncentre. It was cold, we all marched passing by a small canal and a some street artists works.

Derby Street Arts

Derby Street Arts

My aunt innocently asked ” Why Am I taking the Photos of those posters”. I said, ” Its just a piece of Art”. I am sure she didn’t had a clue what I was saying.

We were browsing through few shops and then we reached a place all three of us got lost!!

@the music store — Derby

Lidia’s excitement for Guns and Roses where high and Arun lost with the base guitars, his fav Bands posters. She got her GR shot glasses as a gift from Arun. He bought a ” motivational poster “. It may sound bit orthodox, coz it is. His mum said ” you are not going to stare at these devils pics” staring at the various rock bands wall posters. Me and my cuz just looked at each other and laughed!! But i just realize how the values and principles are different in different places.

We walked up and down few times to locate the toilet. Later we got some tickets for ” SPLIT” and headed to MexiCo.

A nice Mexican themed with an open Kitchen. We both ended up ordering some vegetarian burritos, cuz and aunt ordered beef & chicken burritos too. It was yummy!!

Mexico Veg Burritos

The best one was the MANGO & PASSIONFRUIT SLUSHY . Out of 10 we give 9 to Mexico.It took a while for the food preps and we lost about 10 mins of the movie. I hated it,but there was no option left. The movie was also awesome. Another Psycho thriller from N Syamalan. It makes you think latest once that “you can be what you want”!

By 10ish we left from Derby. Another three hour drive back to Maidstone. We still had some sparks left from the day before, which we cleared off in the wrong exits. 😛

But we realized how the level of joy goes up when we have some topics to discuss.

Until Next one,

à plus (French- See you)!!

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Drive to Blue Water(BW)…

After the last update, we were tied up with the usual daily life…


So we decided to go for a drive to blue water in Dartford. The day was a bit “gray”. That’s how we call the depressive weather days. 😛

The funniest experience from our previous visit to BW a few months ago was, finding the car. We walked about 2 miles around BW as we didn’t take the parking lot no. But this time we got the no and the level of parking.

I had a work related visit to the Three store BW, within 5 minutes it was done. Later we had a hot chocolate with a fudge from EAT. That fudge was really yummy. I forgot to take a photo… Errr.

We did some window shopping, the best was at Clintons where Lidia stopped and went back to her childhood memories. They had few musical toys for several occasions. We both played few of those songs and left out from the outside world.

Then we jumped into the Disney store… Woooow that was super cool. A lot of our characters from cartoons such as Mickey and Minney was there. We got lost at Star Wars toys section.

Trooper With Lidia

By the time we watched a lot of shop windows; we came to the usual chat. “Shall we have food or not? “

The typical me replied “Hmmm Maybe, or shall we go home and eat? “.

By that time we already passed a nice restaurant with a rural type interior setup.

She replied ” Well we don’t go out that often, that restaurant looks really nice.”

Inside me ” Yes, of course, it has to be, that’s why they pay lot more money in advertisement and interior decoration. Their money worked”!! 😉

With a second thought, I replied, ” Yes, let’s go and check the menu”. While we were checking the menu we both had a lot of salivae piling up in our mouth. Suddenly we realized we can’t eat Meat.

Oh I forgot to mention, we decided to avoid all red meat from Jan1 2017 till our wedding anniversary ie, April 17 2017. We gulped the saliva suddenly and still decided to go for the food.

We loved the interior design, very rural Lebanese style setup with homely felt chairs and tables. The kitchen was designed for the customers to see how they cook. One Lebanese guy came and asked for food choice. He asked whether it was out first visit? We smiled and said yes it is!!.We politely asked him to come back in few minutes.

So this is what we ordered.

Green Tea

Fresh Rose Mint Tea


Halloumi Cheese

Zaatar Man’ousha


Pita bread and Hummus

Me with Aubergine fry

Lidia wit falafel & rose mint Tea

Happy tummy

This is the link to the restaurant website.

Total we spent about £38.00 for a 2-course Meal. The last pic you can see how empty it is. We both loved the atmosphere and food.The Falafel was very delicious. It tasted as of Lentil Snack “Parippuvada” from Kerala, India. I am not a big fan of Aubergine, but this dish i loved it. It was a bit oily though. Today was the day i realized Hummous was made from chick peas !!!

Specially the rose Mint Tea was the hit from this day. Out of 10 we give 9 for the food.

After the Veg meals, we walked a bit more and hit few paper shops such as Kikki, Paper chase etc. Later we found this ad displayed near to the escalator.We didn’t believe it first, then I said “Well, I want to take a snap of it!!

There you go. 🙂 FUND YOUR STARTUP like this??

21st Century Ads

This time ,we found the car quickly and drove home…

Next adventure is to Blue Bell Hill. Scary stories heard but beautiful…

Happy Valentines day in advance.

Until next one!!


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The inner voice.



Let the words flow as the source of life. It gives the power to weak and poor to be rich. Find your ways to explore new experiences. Do one new thing every month. Your life span is limited, shorter than a can of chopped tomatoes.

A snap from our timeline.

So here I am, sharing my thoughts to the world. If I can give one of my reader a small help to their life, that makes my life happy and grateful. I never gave myself a minute to listen to that inner voice from me. Always slipped, even though it was in front of me and in me. I never embraced that voice. I kept sliding it away from my view when failures took over. This cant be ignored.

Words have endless power if spoken. Silence too. The magic happens when we spent time on both.

The silence around us.

If my articles help you in any way please do leave a comment or drop an email.

“We are just travelers in space”

Thank you being a co passenger in this beautiful planet.

Scary Blue Bell Hill Trip & 4HWW (4Hour Work Week)

One evening we were discussing “lets drive somewhere”.

We didn’t finalize a place, we just drove. After passing Maidstone we saw a board with “Blue Bell Hill”.

Suddenly I remembered about the story of BBH. There was a tragic car accident in 1965, where two cars collided and 3 women out of 4 died. One of those women were getting married the following day. In 1969, 1974 and 1992 incidents were reported by the appearance of a “Girl in Wedding Dress”. Please read this news and watch the video.

Credits to : Haunted & Mystic Spirit Channel

So yes we both agreed lets go there and see. It was about 3pm then. After few turns and hills we found a cap park for BBH.

We both were stunned at the first view!! Its nearly 2 years were living in Maidstone and how come we didnt come to this place before.

We completely forgot about the scary bit by then.

A selfie in Blue Bell Hill.

We could see the whole Maidstone from top of this hill. I suddenly opened Google Maps and located BBH. Its massive!! We were only on, one edge of it. We then walked towards a board with details about this place. Its a chalk Hill.

We then sat on the bench and enjoyed the view. It was cold but we were lost in the spectacular view.

Blue Bell Hill Sunset.

We had some usual chats about the world beyond us and other random stuff. Unexpectedly Infront of us I found a small bush and a bunch of flowers on it. Someone purposefully kept it there. I jumped off from bench and went down there and what I found was a tearful message.

A note for DAD.

This was a note from a son or a daughter for “A Special DAD”. It was so touching. I tried to take a snap of the flowers along with the view of BBH. Later when we were coming to the car we found there was a helicopter crash in 1998 and three air ambulance crew died there. I guess the message was from one of their relative. There is a memorial stone with the names of who died.

As the sun was going down and it was getting colder we were heading back. On the way we found few small steps and we decided “lets explore”.

Steps to the Downs

We had a good view of the Maidstone and we were discussing about where will be our house. After few silly arguments we pointed out to the far and said ” Yes there it is !!” 😛

I managed to click few more snaps with the sun and sky as the backdrop.

Sun as my backdrop.

We got into the car, switched on the heating and waited for the sun to go down. This was the last min view from our car window.

Sun goes down.

We decided to come back here in summer with our mates and family. All these time we completely forgot about the scary story though. There was nothing scary. We reversed our car and drove off before it was completely dark. We didn’t wanted a lady in a white dress to ask us a lift. 🙂

We hope you are enjoying this blog. We thought of adding few helpful thoughts from our daily life. I read a book, I mean heard a book. When I read I always sleep, so I found a way to read one. Audiobooks!! I downloaded audible app and this book 4HWW (4 Hour Work Week)

Listening to audiobooks is more easier for me. I guess if anyone reading this, try this app and read your own books. You will love it.

I heard it twice, this is the first book which I read for twice. Still cant believe. I came to know about this book in 2015, I regret that I wasted one year by not reading in that time.

About the book 4HWW; it was written by Tim Ferris a genius and a master mind. Hes a billionaire now. He have invested in Facebook, Alibaba and Uber. But before he became a billionaire he used some tricks and tips to reach there. Some of you might find its not possible, But he proved it, as Possible. I am not blabbing about it. Give a try!! If you like it then Let me know!! He have a Podcast also. Checkout his blog:

Taking this oppurtunity to thank Tim Ferris for being an inspirer.

Currently I am finishing Steve Jobs autobiography Audiobook.

Until next time!!

Peace & Love

Next Blog: Derby Diaries

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Am I a Pedophile?

Another sunny day where it made me wanted to go out.

I took my camera with me, wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses, Bold printed T shirt.

Finglesham Court

I walked through the nearby streets. Then I headed to the park, with a community center. I saw a man pushing an old lady in a wheel chair accompanied by another women.

Give Way

I noticed few kids, very thrilled and joyful as they can ride in the sun.

Free rides

Passing them, I reached the Salsa community center and I was starring at the empty basket ball court. Those kids came back to me.

Salsa Community Centre

They asked “What are you doing? “
 The shame in me was fighting back not to have a conversation with them. But I managed to say “I am just taking some photos”.

Kids: “There’s nothing there to take photos”? Me (In a bit of shy): Was about to answer but…

Kid 1: Are you Turkish ? Me (Seriously?) : “No I a not Turkish, I am Indian”. Kid3: I can speak Turkish.

Kid2: Are you a Photographer? Me: Yes I am.

Kid1: Are you a Professional Photographer? Me (Woow they asked me that. I am gonna change my looks? Lol never. I will stay how I look): Yes, I am kinda getting there. 😛 I asked them: What you guys upto?

Kid1 & 2 : We just chilling the sun. You know how it is. Me: Oh yes man. Its been a lovely day. Conversation became a bit silent and they pedaled their cycles. I yelled. “Have a nice evening.”

They replied “you too”.

I tried to snap a pic of them leaving, I heard Kid 1 whispering to his mate “He’s taking our Picta.”


But Kid 3 was showing off some wheeling skills and all just cycled.

I took few more snaps around the center. I went across to a round about and walked to the small park. I saw few kids playing football. Their cycles were lying in the middle of the park. The goal post were made with their hoodies and bags. 🙂


They were so enjoying the sun and kicking the ball. At that moment I had these thoughts hoovering in my head: “ Shall I ask those kids whether I can take some photos of them? But will they see me as a stranger?” I decided just to watch the game silently by standing next to a tree.

All of them were doing a great job by passing the ball to each other. That innocence, spirit and team work was a good visual treatment. It took me to my childhood for a minute.

I noticed one kid was sitting near to the road and crying. One of his mate went to him and I heard the crying kid was yelling at the other boy. He then walked towards me. He might be 6–7yrs old. He caught a rope on the tree and was hanging from the rope. I heard he was calling out another mates name.
 I asked him “ U Okay?” Kid: “I am Ok”( in a half liked way.)

He then said to me “can you please stay bit away from the tree” ? I was a bit shocked and I moved about half a meter. He said “can you move a bit more please?” This time I was getting bit surprised and I asked“ Why” ? Kid: “My mate is scared to come here”. I then looked at his mate who was busy in passing the ball.

Kid again shouted his mates name.


I asked him “Why he’s scared” ? He didn’t reply. His mate then came and helped him to push kid 1 to climb up the tree. He was keeping his fake Nunchuck(Martial arts weapon as in Bruceelee movies) made from a tree branch . I looked at him when he was on the tree and asked:

“Do you climb up here everyday? ” He said “Yes”.
 He climbed down and went to the game showing off his skills with that wood Nunchuck.

He walked away from me and after 2 minutes approached me and again with a bit annoyed face he asked:

“Can you move a bit far.? “ Why” ? “You can’t watch the game by kids”? “Why”? “You can watch if you pay. 50p for charity”. “Charity for what?” “Race for life”. “I don’t have any money on me now, but I can bring 50p next time I come.” I replied. He became very cheerful and said the same to his mate and replied. “Thank you.” They again curiously asked me:“What you doing here”?

“I am just enjoying the sun and walking by”.


All of the kids looked bit off by then and I saw one girl came on her bike and said something to another kid. Later they all were walking off. I was bit worried.

“Did I make them scared”?

Then I slowly walked off to the next park on the other side thinking lets don’t be a nuisance. I spent about 15 minutes sitting there watching a dog playing in the grass.By then I was bit hungry and was heading back to home.

I heard someone calling “Hey”.

I unplugged my headphone and looked around. I saw that same kid was standing about 100 yards from me and was shouting at me: “Hey you, my dad want to see you”.

“What ? ” As I thought I might have heard it wrong.

There was 2 other mates were also with him. All off them ran away from me. I walked back to the football ground with curiosity.

I saw that kid went to a near by house. Few kids ( 8–10 yrs old) were standing near to the cycles on the ground. I asked them “That kid said his dad want to see me, is everything ok”?

 One kid replied: “He thinks you are a Peadophile!!!”.


I was stumbled and my mind got waffled. I paused for a minute as I couldn’t process that immediately. I couldn’t believe that!

I asked them: “Is it because of my camera? I live down the road and I am just enjoying the sun”.

They didn’t gave any reply to that. With a shame of the “word” the kids used I decided to make it right.With a deep desire of wanting to make this clear to that kid.

I saw the same kid standing in front of a house with his mate and an adult.

While I was reaching near to him I asked :“ You Ok buddy”? He didn’t reply.

The adult ( a guy in his 40’s may be with all tattoos on his hands and neck). I asked him that the kids were saying that his dad wants to see me?

Guy replied “he’s not my kid.”
 “ Ah Ok.” I looked at the kid and asked “ You asked me to meet your dad”.

He was in his fear and said “ No I didn’t say that.”

Me: “No you did ask me that. Are you scared of me? ”

He was half nodding his head.

My mind was preparing for the answer. “ You don’t have to be scared with me. I live down the road in Finglesham court. I was just chilling in the sun and wanted to watch the game”.

Another kid said “ Yeah I know wheres Finglesham court is.”
 I added:“ I work in Three Mobile store in Maidstone high street, if you need to say hi anytime to me just pop in to the store.I walk through these roads everyday to work. So don’t be scared.”

I wanted to shake his hand but he’s stepped back. Then I asked for a knuckles. He then did a very very gently knuckle.

I asked him “Are you scared of me again”? He shook his head and said no.

I replied:“That’s a good kid”.

“Kid 2 “ Can I get phone from your store. “ I smiled and replied “ no we don’t have free phone there mate.”

Kids: do you repair phones there?
 “No we don’t repair”.

With happiness filling up my whole body I said to all “ OK guys , Catch u later”.

Kid: “Will you come to play tomorrow “. I smiled and with joy bursting out of my head i replied: “ sorry man I don’t play much football, but I like to watch. But thank you.”

I walked in pride, one kido called me and said there’s a short cut.

I was in confusion and said where?
 “He pointed to me on to my right a few meters ahead. He asked me “ You just moved down here?”

In a bit of shame I replied “ No been over a year, but don’t know much about the shortcuts around.”

I walked past them saying another “Thank you”.

Groove Street


I was filled with joy and energy. I did something different this day, which will help that kid in his entire life. His attitude was right for his knowledge, I was a stranger to him. Specially my dark skin wasn’t helping him either. The world has taught him in a different way. I was a complete stranger for him.

What I liked in him was, even though he was scared he had the courage to have a conversation with me. If it was me, I wouldn’t dare to even talk to anyone in that situation in that age. From today he will not be having that fear to keep that conversation with anyone in his life.I hope.


If I ignored and walked away he will be stuck with the thought of I might be a Peadophile with a camera. Even the adult standing there was smiling at me when I left. All the kids were talking to me and asking about more friendly questions about my shop. They even showed me a shortcut which I never knew which was few meters away from my home. I felt great as I stood up to do what was right and to be there in the community regardless of my colour/ looks/ dress.

I am so grateful to those kids and this day.

Feeling thoughtful (FB status )

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The “Duo”

Who followed passion not fame.

This article was originally posted on

I consider myself lucky to capture these 2 young and fresh talents “ON THE STREET”.

This is the story…

They both are only 19, second year music students from Poland. (Akademia muzyczna im I.J.Paderewskiego w Poznaniu) On their college break Maciek Hejmej came up with an idea to his freind Jan Bałaban about playing violin in Streets of London. Jan said “YES” before Maciek finished the question. Their family opposed in the beginning, but they agreed for these young blood to warm up their passion. Who have music in their genes from so many years.

They took a flight UK, started playing in the streets of London.Regent Street, South Kensington, Piccadilly circus etc…

A real inspiration for any other teenagers, who only complains about things they can’t do or don’t want to do. They all want fame without efforts, they just want to get money from their family and spend on outings and parties.

But these “Duo” were ready to take their passion to the people. They created an opportunity rather than waiting for one. They managed to overcame the initial “FEAR” by taking their passion to the streets. They were not worried about the criticism ; they were not worried about the money; they were not expecting fame. They wanted to take the music to the people, who are walking through the streets who may miss the melody in their daily “MOBILE -LIFE” (not by streaming but from real strings.)

Even though they played violin for Orchestras in Austria and Poland their passion to the bow and chords were limitless. They played from their heart not from the notes.

The songs and themes they choose were outstanding.My favourite is the GAME OF THRONES title song.

While I was taking the photos I saw so many music lovers paused to enjoy the tunes. They congratulated them and dropped the pound, to show their gratitude.

I present “THE DUO”…

Future of the youngsters who always think logically and creatively!!!

I wish them all the very best for their future chords.

“Follow your passion from the heart;
money and fame willow follow you obediently”

They were featured by Capital FM Facebook page which got almost a million views by the time Iwrite this article. Click here to view the Video on facebook

Originally published at on August 21, 2017.